Job Training Success Story - Yadira Pagan

Yadira had a wonderful job as a patient advocate with a company she worked at for 9 years. In the 3 walls of her cubical at her corporate job she worked hard, earned her weekly paycheck and provided as the main breadwinner for her family. She felt comfortable in every sense of the word. “Once you feel comfortable… all of a sudden they pulled the rug from under my feet,” Yadira added.

Job Training Success Story - Freda Ann Johnson

Success doesn’t look the same to everyone. Whereas one individual views success as 2.5 kids, a picket fence, a full-time job with a 4-door in the drive, someone else views success as simply being able to get out of bed in the morning. Success is relative. For Freda Ann Johnson, success was one week in our Job Readiness Class. For Freda Ann Johnson, success was discovering who Freda Ann Johnson is.

Job Training Success Story - Antonios Pavlidis

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? It’s a question we’ve all been asked at least once in our life. Some of us conjure up childhood dream jobs (ice cream taste tester, movie star), others day-dream more lucrative careers (President, CEO of a big company). For Antonios Pavlidis, his answer was simple… he wanted to drive; specifically he wanted his Commercial Driver’s License.

Job Training Success Story - Shavontae Tate

Shavontae Tate wasn’t looking for a new job when she reached out to Boca Helping Hands… she was looking for a new career path! Working as a Call Center Supervisor, she had manageable income and a steady paycheck. Yet she had aspirations beyond the four walls of the Deerfield Beach building. When her boyfriend discovered BHH’s CDL Job Training Program, she urged him to pursue it. She saw the program for what it truly was, a life-changing opportunity. Upon his graduation, she immediately called BHH so she too could alter her course towards a more prosperous destination.

Job Mentoring Success Story - Josefina Compres

It’s one thing to be good at your job… it’s another thing to also LOVE your job. Josefina Compres loved her job as a life insurance agent. That’s why when a medical procedure and shift in her health meant she was unable to keep up the rigorous traveling her job demanded; she knew her next job needed to be one she loved just as much. After years in her prior role, she found herself in need of an updated resume and a boost of confidence.

Job Training Success Story - Tim Sammiels

When speaking with Tim Sammiel, Jr. for more than 5 minutes, two things are made perfectly clear… Tim is a man built on motivation and appreciation.

Job Mentoring Success Story - Cecilia Randazzo

On paper Cecilia Randazzo is a well accomplished woman. She’s lived on 3 different continents, grew up in Hawaii, speaks 4 different languages and has a solid background in Hospitality. Yet when she moved back to the US after 20 years, she was greeted with a vastly different job market than when she left.

Job Mentoring Success Story - Jap Riley

At 24 years young Jap Riley’s fear left him surrendering to the way things were in life. Depending solely on the kindness of his family, Jap was without a job, struggled with severe literacy issues and lacked the drive to change any of it… that is until 6 months ago with the birth of his child.