A Friday Lunch was donated in Memory of Harsh Kumar

In memory of Harsh Kumar, Friday's Lunch, August 12th was provided by his loving parents Viji and Asitok Kumar.  Our guests were served spaghetti, meat sauce and vegetables, all of Harsh Kumar's favorites.

School Immunizations and Hair Styles at BHH

With school starting in just a few weeks Molina Health Care and Dr. Beth King arranged for the school children to get their shots.  Those in need of immunizations came to Boca Helping Hands on Friday, July 29th.  Dr. King and her nurses helped more than thirty children and individuals with updating their shots.   Bliss Salon joined in by offering free haircuts

St. Paul Lutheran Church & School Invites you to Celebrate Freedom and giving thanks to our “Community Heroes”

Reporter Evan Axelbank from Channel 5 WPTV (NBC) followed our Boca Helping Hands truck as it made the “recovery rounds.”  Evan then took more film of the kitchen staff preparing the food for our regular Thursday Night Family Dinner.

WPEC News Ch.12 Does Story on Boca Helping Hands and Lucas Metropulos

On Monday, July 25th, our guests were treated to a special treat for lunch.  Lukas Metropulos, no stranger to the BHH family and his crew from Fishing 4 Families in Need donated over 100 pounds of fresh fish to Boca Helping Hands!  Lukas began his involvement with BHH a few years ago, as he began forming his non-profit organization.  While teaching water and fishing conservation, Lukas

WPTV News Ch. 5 Story on Boca Helping Hands

Reporter Evan Axelbank from Channel 5 WPTV (NBC) followed our Boca Helping Hands truck as it made the “recovery rounds.”  Evan then took more film of the kitchen staff preparing the food for our regular Thursday Night Family Dinner.

Boca Helping Hands is in Need of Food and YOU CAN HELP!

My dear colleagues…this summer, we have a critical need for the above named food items.  Right now, we have little to put into the pantry bags but canned corn and oatmeal…and whatever other items we cobble together.  We are therefore reaching out to you for your assistance.  On your next trip to BHH…bring a canned food item from the list.  You need not make a special trip to Costco to buy a case. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Adam Wilk

Monday through Saturday, visitors to Boca Helping Hands can’t help but notice (or be run over by) a young man, clad in a blue apron, notepad in hand.  Since September of 2010, Adam Wilk has been a mainstay in the warehouse…serving as the “link” between the warehouse and the food center. He moves out items for distribution through the Pantry Program, sets up the bags for delivery to the Youth Activity Center on Thursday Nights, and picks up commodities

Greg Peters, Graduate: Leadership Boca Class of 2011

One of our stellar volunteers, Greg has devoted his time to Grant Research. Spending hours on the internet pouring though financial statements and past giving histories, Greg identifies those foundations and corporations most likely to support the mission of Boca Helping Hands. His outstanding vetting process has resulted in our receiving some 75% of the grants for which we apply!

Boca Helping Hands is pleased to have had Home Depot’s participation at their Thursday Night Family Dinner on June 2, 2011.

Seven to eight Home Depot’s staff will volunteers helped the children that attended this Thursday Night Family Dinner, to construct a project kit, through their Kids Workshop program, donated by Home Depot. They chose a toolbox for each of the kids to make.  This event taught the children do-it-yourself skills and tool safety. They will not only leave, Boca Helping Hands

Teach a Man to Fish...

Over the first weekend in June, Lucas and his friends donated eighty-two pounds of fish to Boca Helping Hands. "I hope they feed many people.  Fish is a high-protein source, and I believe very beneficial to people who do not have adequate food supply", said Lucas.

Boca West Foundation Sponsors Boca Helping Hands Friday Lunch Service

Boca West Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) foundation established in 2010.  Their mission is to identify and fund projects designed to strengthen, build and improve the lives of individuals, groups, and families in the community of Boca Raton and the South Palm Beach County area.  They are funded by their members and other corporate institutions and individuals.

Jamie Zipper's Mitzvah Project, BHH Food Drive, total so far...1133 pounds!

Jamie Zipper is having her Bat Mitzvah next week and for her  Mitzvah Project, BHH Food Drive, she has brought in 1133 pounds of food.  She gave a letter to her neighbors with a yellow bag with the BHH logo on the bag.  Jamie enlisted a few of her friends to help.  "I couldn't have done it without them."  said Jamie.  The Dr. and Mrs. Zipper joined Jamie and one of her helpers to unload all of these items from their cars.  They helped weight them and put them into the sorting bins.

Stamp Out Hunger 2011 Boca Helping Hands receives 14,836 Pounds of Canned Goods!!

All across America, the U.S. Post Office dedicated Saturday, May 14 to "stamp out hunger" by collecting canned goods as each postal worker completed his/her route.  Locally, the Boca Raton Post Office designated Boca Helping Hands (as well as Salvation Army and the Wayne Barton Study Center) as recipients.

Our own Volunteer Coordinator, Solomon “Doc” Schwartz, was one of the honorees for Men with Caring Hearts Award

The Staff of Boca Helping Hands was honored to attend the Men with Caring Hearts Awards Luncheon on Thursday, April 28, 2011. Our own Volunteer Coordinator, Solomon “Doc” Schwartz, was one of the honorees for this event. Pictured with Doc are Gary Peters, BHH Board President and this year’s Tiffany Outstanding Service Award Winner Lucas Metropolis from Saint Andrews School.  Congratulations to Doc and Lucas from everyone at Boca Helping Hands.

BHH Attends the Boca Raton Community Garden Groundbreaking Event

What a perfect morning to celebrate Earth Day!  Boca Helping Hands, represented by Karen Swedenborg, Development Manager, Helped in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Boca Raton Community Garden.  Boca Helping Hands will receive 10% of the crops grown in this garden starting in October of this year.  This garden is located off of 2nd Avenue between Glades and Palmetto.  To learn more about the garden please go to:  www.bocaratoncommunitygarden.com


Boca Helping Hands held its 5th Annual MONOPOLY Event and Casino Night proved to be its best ever raising $130,000! Mr. MONOPOLY , the Hasbro character portrayed by Leonard Wierzbowski, greeted the guests as they gathered to play MONOPOLY, Texas Holdem, Black Jack and Roulette at The Country Club at Boca Raton.  Gary Peters, a two-time National MONOPOLY Champion and President of the Board of Directors at Boca Helping Hands, oversaw the MONOPOLY Tournament.   The five top players were Kent Mayer, David J. Mezzanotte, David Spinola, Alain Troadec and the Grand BHH MONOPOLY Champion Keith Nassetta.  Astounding raffle baskets and a live auction and a $20,000 Matching Challenge by the Asofsky Family Foundation met, in 15 minutes, helped Boca Helping Hands achieve a record breaking fundraising event.

Visioning Seminar a Success!

On Saturday, January 15th, Boca Helping Hands had 100 people attended their Visionary Seminar at Saint Andrew’s School.  Board Members, Staff, Volunteers, business owners and people in the community made up this diverse group.  These individuals were split into 12 groups and then proceeded to work the process of the Visioning Seminar.  They then brought their ideas and strategies for an exciting future and vision for Boca Helping Hands.

Boca Helping Hands, A look back…and a bright tomorrow!

In the next 24 hours, many will pause to give thanks. I have some suggestions.

BHH Volunteer of the Year Freddie Christie

BHH announces our 2010 Volunteer of the Year at our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

Boca Helping Hands to Create Strategic Plan: January 15, 2011

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA- On January 15, 2011, Boca Helping Hands will sponsor a one-day "Visioning Seminar" to explore goals and dreams for the future.  All our donors, volunteers and supporters are invited to attend!

Fun at the Boca Helping Hands and The Wayne Barton Study Center Pearl City Christmas Dinner

On Sunday, December 12th, Boca Helping Hands and The Wayne Barton Study Center along with many volunteers and supporters hosted a fun filled Christmas dinner with music and an appearance by Mr. and Mrs. Clause.

Boca Helping Hands and The Wayne Barton Study Center Pearl City Christmas Dinner

Each year, Boca Helping Hands partners with the Wayne Barton Study Center to provide a Christmas Dinner for the residents of Dixie Manor and Pearl City. This year’s dinner will take place on Sunday, December 12th at 1:30pm.

An open letter to the Boca Helping Hands family

In the next 24 hours, many will pause to give thanks. I have some suggestions.

Fire Explorers Donate Food To Boca Helping Hands

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA- Boca Raton Fire Rescue Explorer Post # 315 worked together and purchased food to donate to Boca Helping Hands. Fire Explorers individually purchased the food to help make this holiday season brighter for families in need. Post #315 donated more than 200 non-perishable items. This is the fifth year that Fire Explorer’s have helped by donating food to Boca Helping Hands.

Midwest soccer team from Region II ODP Visits BHH

This group of young ladies from the Midwest soccer team from Region II ODP took time out from their tournament schedule to give back to BHH.

Saint Andrew's School Delivers...

Saint Andrew's School Delivers 150 baskets,turkeys and pies to BHH's Thanksgiving Basket Brigade

Wendy's International Day at BHH

The team from Wendy’s International, Area 148, Ft. Lauderdale spent Monday, November 22, at Boca Helping Hands helping.  Wendy’s arranged to have food drives in their 7 districts and 45 restaurants.  After delivering the 1,800lbs of food from their food drive, this hard working team then proceeded to unload their cars and vans, weigh and loaded the food on to pallets, which were then taken up to our 2nd floor loft warehouse. A few of the team worked in the loft warehouse unloading the pallelts and stacking up the supplies.  Mr. Schultz even coordinated his team, along with Boca Helping Hands Office Manager, Suzan Javizian, to fan out and pick up the many frozen turkeys and more food that was donated.

Office Depot Foundation donates to BHH Basket Brigade

A big thank you to Office Depot Foundation for their generous donation to BHH Basket Brigade.