Midwest soccer team from Region II ODP Visits BHH

This group of young ladies from the Midwest soccer team from Region II ODP took time out from their tournament schedule to give back to BHH.

Saint Andrew's School Delivers...

Saint Andrew's School Delivers 150 baskets,turkeys and pies to BHH's Thanksgiving Basket Brigade

Wendy's International Day at BHH

The team from Wendy’s International, Area 148, Ft. Lauderdale spent Monday, November 22, at Boca Helping Hands helping.  Wendy’s arranged to have food drives in their 7 districts and 45 restaurants.  After delivering the 1,800lbs of food from their food drive, this hard working team then proceeded to unload their cars and vans, weigh and loaded the food on to pallets, which were then taken up to our 2nd floor loft warehouse. A few of the team worked in the loft warehouse unloading the pallelts and stacking up the supplies.  Mr. Schultz even coordinated his team, along with Boca Helping Hands Office Manager, Suzan Javizian, to fan out and pick up the many frozen turkeys and more food that was donated.

Office Depot Foundation donates to BHH Basket Brigade

A big thank you to Office Depot Foundation for their generous donation to BHH Basket Brigade.

Go to Jail…Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200!

This was one of the many fun activities at this years’ MONOPOLY® Event & Casino Game Night held on Saturday, March 14th at Boca Raton Resort & Club to help raise funds for Boca Helping Hands.

Citi Smith Barney Scores A Touchdown For Families in Need

For almost 15 years, Diane Irving has worked with her offices at Smith Barney to capitalize on the excitement of the Super Bowl to raise awareness and funds for Boca Helping Hands.

Birthday Boy asks for No Presents Just Donations for Boca Helping Hands

Tristan Cade decided to forgo any gifts for his 10th birthday and asked his friends to bring money that would be donated to Boca Helping Hands for people in need in our community.

Students help feed the poor

BOCA HELPING HANDS recently honored the top five students who conducted a food drive in their neighborhoods to help feed the poor, the needy and the homeless.