12th Annual Bowling for Bread Event & Food Drive Drew Hundreds of Supporters.

Boca Helping Hands held its 12th Annual Bowling for Bread Event & Food Drive on August 26th. Over 400 kids and supporters attended the event and enjoyed pizza, burgers, wings and more, as well as prizes, clowns and, of course, bowling at Strikes@Boca. Guests brought...

Teens, anglers donate fish to Boca Helping Hands

For more than a decade, Fishing for Families in Need (F4FN) has helped local soup kitchens serve 3,000-plus pounds of fresh fish to the hungry. This summ...

12th Annual Bowling for Bread - Green Program

The Green Program for the 12th Annual Bowling for Bread Event and Food Drive. Thank you to each of our Event Sponsor, the Lee Pearlson Steinberg Foundation as well as our For-Profit Sponsor, First Citizens Bank. Held in conjunction with Boca Raton Chamber Festival Days, this annual event benefits local children's based nonprofits. 

Charity bowling event and food drive held

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- People came out to bowl for a good cause in Boca Raton on Sunday. Boca Helping Hands held their 12th annual Bowling For Bread event and food drive.

'Bowling For Bread' event and food drive held in Boca Raton

People came out to bowl for a good cause in Boca Raton on Sunday. Boca Helping Hands held their 12th annual Bowling For Bread event and food drive.  Bowling lanes were filled with hundreds of low-income kids and adults who supported the event. The event featured clowns, prizes and 20...

Boca Helping Hands Summer 2018 Newsletter

This newsletter contains articles including an Update on our 2018 Goals, a Job Training Success Story,  Hitting 1 Million Pounds of Recovered Food,  Thanksgiving Box Brigade and much more.

Boca Helping Hands at WAY-FM

Boca Helping Hands Executive Director Greg Hazle was invited to speak with WAY-FM Community Impact Director David Wolf about ways in which BHH helps support the community. 

Job Training Success Story - Freda Ann Johnson

Success doesn’t look the same to everyone. Whereas one individual views success as 2.5 kids, a picket fence, a full-time job with a 4-door in the drive, someone else views success as simply being able to get out of bed in the morning. Success is relative. For Freda Ann Johnson, success was one week in our Job Readiness Class. For Freda Ann Johnson, success was discovering who Freda Ann Johnson is. For over 10 years, Freda’s one purpose in life was being the primary caretaker for her adult and elderly family members. From the minute she woke up in the morning until the moment she went to sleep at night, her priority was the health and well-being of her ailing family members. Between the three of them, health concerns included heart disease, pulmonary disease, an aneurysm and long-term disability. She gave her all to their care and as a result lost herself in the process. As each of them eventually succumbed to their illnesses, Freda found herself alone, with no one to care for and no path ahead of her. That loss of purpose left her depressed and with no sense of self. Although she lacked direction, Freda still maintained a relationship with her church. It was there that her friend Karen, a past Job Training Program graduate, shared with her information about BHH. Having such an affinity for helping people, it comes as no surprise that she pursued enrollment in our Home Health Aide (HHA) program. After being accepted, Freda began to see the clearer picture of what her new path in life looked like. Freda carried that enthusiasm throughout her HHA training and quickly obtained her certification. She met with her Job Mentor, drafted a polished resume and submitted it to a friend who manages a Home Health Aide business. Since then Freda has written several letters of gratitude thanking the donors and contributors that support our Job Training Programs. When we last spoke with Freda, she had recently undergone surgery. We’re pleased to share that she’s recovering nicely and excited to get back to work. It’s true… success is relative. For Freda Ann Johnson, success was a journey of self-discovery and a future in a field she’s passionate about.

Volunteer Opportunity - ESOL Instructor

Boca Helping Hands is currently seeking an ESOL instructor to join us for our upcoming semester of classes. Prior ESOL teaching experience is required as well as a weekly commitment from September thru December. Those interested are encouraged to complete our online volunteer application by clicking here, as well as emailing our Program Director at Trina@bocahelpinghands.org.

West Boca, Delray medical centers join hospitals for summer cereal drive

West Boca, Delray, Good Samaritan, Palm Beach Gardens and St. Mary’s medical centers recently led a weeklong effort to help feed children during the summer called the Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive.

Join us for the 12th Annual Bowling for Bread Event & Food Drive!

Sunday, August 26, 2018 at Strikes@Boca.  Get a team together to bowl, sponsor a lane for non-profit children, and/or bring canned food to the day of Bowling for Bread.  We would love for you to come and be a part of this wonderful event!

West Boca Medical Center Annual Cereal Drive

Many thanks to West Boca Medical Center and American Medical Response for today's cereal donation. Each year West Boca Medical Center hosts a cereal drive for BHH to help combat food insecurity during the summer months when students aren't in school. In an effort to broaden the impact, West Boca Medical Center connected with American Medical Response for this year's drive. Plus there was the added benefit of AMR transporting the cereal by ambulance! When the final box of cereal was unloaded, West Boca Medical Center and American Medical Response had donated a whopping 718 pounds! Thanks again for choosing Boca Helping Hands for such a generous donation.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital - Monthly Health Screenings at BHH

Boca Raton Regional Hospital Community Outreach will be onsite at Boca Helping Hands this Wednesday, June 13th from 10am-1pm providing free health screenings. Representatives will be provide wellness counseling and review results including blood pres

Just one of the many local families Boca Helping Hands helps through our Children’s Assistance Program (CAP).

CAP helps working parents by providing financial assistance for summer camp, after-school care, and day care for qualifying Boca Raton residents. Last year Boca Helping Hands provided assistance for 71 kids with their summer camp fees, as well as 54

Boca Helping Hands E-Newsletter: May, 2018

This newsletter contains articles including our 12th Consecutive 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator, a Job Training Success Story, the celebration of Mel Lazerick's 100th Birthday and much more.

Job Training Success Story - Antonios Pavlidis

"If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?" It’s a question we’ve all been asked at least once in our life. Some of us conjure up childhood dream jobs (ice cream taste tester, movie star), others day-dream more lucrative careers (President, CEO of a big company). For Antonios Pavlidis, his answer was simple… he wanted to drive; specifically he wanted his Commercial Driver’s License. With a background in customer service and sales, he’s held jobs that he’s been good at but just not ones that fulfilled him. When he and his wife immigrated to the United States from Greece in 2016, he used it as an opportunity to research the trucking industry and its requirements. With his goal fixed, he (as with some of our other CDL students) independently obtained his CDL Class A temporary permit, the first stage in receiving a Commercial Driver’s License. From there, he was referred to Boca Helping Hands where he was blown away by the comprehensiveness of the curriculum in our Phase I Job Readiness Classes. When the time came for Antonios to take his CDL Class A driver’s examination, he had already completed his job search. Having already applied and interviewed with Schneider Transportation and Logistics Services, Antonios accepted an offer of employment the very day he received his CDL.  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Antonios had his answer, and thankfully Boca Helping Hands had his solution. 

2018 Stamp Out Hunger Recap

"The rain wont' hinder our mission to feed people," said Bill Harper, Director of Food & Warehouse Operations. And feed people we certainly shall do. When the final donation was received, we had received a whopping 10,533 pounds of food - a 20% incre

12th Annual MONOPOLY Event & Casino Night - Green Program

The Green Program for the 12th Annual MONOPOLY Event & Casino Night.

Charity Navigator Issues 12th Consecutive 4-Star Rating to Boca Helping Hands

Charity Navigator rates over 9,000 charities nationwide and examines two broad areas of a charity's performance; their Financial Health and their Accountability & Transparency. Boca Helping Hands is pleased to announce that we have received our 12th

12th Annual MONOPOLY Event & Casino Night

Many thanks to everyone that attended. This year's event was the biggest one yet! Thank you to all of our sponsors and attendees. And CONGRATULATIONS to this year's MONOPOLY Champion, Michael MacDonald!

4th Annual Miracle Chef

4th Annual Miracle Chef - such a wonderful evening filled with food, fun and a great message.... Boca Helping Hands truly is the bridge helping our clients cross from basic need to self-sufficiency. Remember that this event, along with all the meals

See the BHH Matching Campaign Thermometer! YOU DID IT! We have exceeded our goal of $250,000

YOU DID IT!  We have exceeded our goal of $250,000 for our Annual End of the Year Matching Campaign.  Thank you to all who supported this challenge.

Boca Helping Hands E-Newsletter: December, 2017

This newsletter contains articles including our 2017 Annual End of the Year Matching Campaign, the opening of our Boynton Beach Pantry Bag Distribution Location,  a Job Training Success Story and much more.

Job Training Success Story - Shavontae Tate

Shavontae Tate wasn’t looking for a new job when she reached out to Boca Helping Hands… she was looking for a new career path! Working as a Call Center Supervisor, she had manageable income and a steady paycheck. Yet she had aspirations beyond the four walls of the Deerfield Beach building. When her boyfriend discovered BHH’s CDL Job Training Program, she urged him to pursue it. She saw the program for what it truly was, a life-changing opportunity. Upon his graduation, she immediately called BHH so she too could alter her course towards a more prosperous destination. We’re pleased to share that Shavontae has become that person she’s trying to be in life. When we last spoke she was just days away from heading to Dallas, TX to begin her 6 week company training at Frozen Food Express (FFF). From there she and her boyfriend (who also works from FFF) would hit the road together swapping out driving shifts in the same truck. Teaming up in this way allows for less down time and the couple to make more money long-term. With her 6-week training sure to fly by and their first route just on the horizon, the pair have truly changed their course in life. We look forward to hearing about the new roads they’ll travel and what prosperous destinations they’re headed towards. 

"Families in need enjoy Christmas feast in Boca Raton"

This time of year can be difficult for many families struggling financially. A simple meal might not be an option. But on Christmas Day, it was a show of neighbor helping neighbor for 300 people in Boca Raton.

"Town Center Mall restaurants serve Christmas lunch to the needy in Boca Raton"

Town Center Mall was closed on Christmas Day, open only to a select group: the hungry. More than 300 clients assisted by South Florida’s social service agencies relished a free, sumptuous lunch on Monday, cooked by chefs from Boca Raton restaurants.

"Dozens received Christmas Day meal, gifts in Boca"

The Town Center at Boca Raton, a non-profit and several restaurants are spreading holiday cheer by feeding more than 200 families on Christmas.Santa and his helpers brought joy to dozens at town center mall at Boca Raton. "I think it's just a wonderf

"Town Center Gets in the Holiday Spirit with Events and Donations"

Boca Helping Hands opens Boynton Beach Pantry Bag Distribution Site

Today marked another HUGE milestone for Boca Helping Hands as we opened our Boynton Beach Pantry Bag Distribution site a First Baptist Church Boynton Beach. We’re pleased to share that Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays (10:00am – 12:00pm) client