A Four Star Charity for 9th Consecutive Year!

Boca Helping Hands provides food and emergency assistance to meet basic human needs and long-term solutions to break the cycle of dependence.


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  • Esperanza_Catering_2015_01_Class_photo_Advancement_IPZEGDOL.jpg
    Esperanza Catering 15-01 Class Advancement: Congratulations!!
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  • Mel_Lazerick_s_97th_B_Day_with_cake_MKZVDMPE.jpg
    Happy Birthday Mel!
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  • Stamp_Out_Hunger_1_OSKPMSTM.jpg
    Stamp Out Hunger collected over 13,000 lbs of food!
  • Stamp_Out_Hunger___families_helping_GYWHOBIT.jpg
  • Stamp_Out_Hunger_Roteract_students_IXWRVPYT.jpg
    Roteract Students having fun
  • Stamp_Out_Hunger_into_the_night_ORBJNWTD.jpg
    Night falls on Stamp Out Hunger
  • For_Website_Hank_Feniger_Edgewater_group_tour_6_26_14__30__ZTTRQBXS.jpg
    Hank Feniger, Edgewater resident and BHH Volunteer!
  • Kentucky_Derby_Food_Center_2_PXBERGZS.jpg
    Celebrating the Kentucky Derby!
  • Kentucky_Derby_Food_Center_1_RTHCDMZJ.jpg
    Celebrating the Kentucky Derby in the BHH Food Center.
  • Mr__M___Susan_Haynie_XGSFKJKK.jpg
    Mayor Susan Haynie was a MONOPOLY Player
    Playing MONOPOLY!
  • Close_up_of_Lee__Gaming_UCQRDJKB.jpg
    Lee Steinberg having fun at the gaming tables.
  • Mr__M___ADT_Tucker___Price_CKMKQWXW.jpg
    ADT Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. Tucker and Mr. & Mrs. Price
  • Mr__M___Mr__Remillard__Betty___friends_JSMZJKLE.jpg
    Mr. Remillard and friends enjoying the night.
  • Mr__M___Yasmine_Zyne_Family_YNGTYTQD.jpg
    Yasmine Zyne-Coleman and Family arrive for the festivities.
  • Alain_Troadec___Gary_Peters_VVPRTXEP.jpg
    Karyn Hill, Gary Peters, with Alain Troadec - 2015 MONOPOLY Winner!
  • BHH_staff_with_Margi_Cross_our_nominee_for_WVOY_NZPPIIPZ.jpg
    BHH Staff with Margi Cross, our WVOY Nominee!
  • For_Webstie_Macy_s_recruiting_at_BHH_DDPJJFDD.jpg
    The Magic of MACY'S at BHH recruiting new employees.
  • Website_Books_and_gifts_from_BRRH_10_23_2014_at_BHH__2__EXRIXZKL.jpg
    Boca Raton Regional Hospital playing games with the children at Family Night Dinner.
  • Website_Serving_Dinner_BRRH_10_23_2014_at_BHH__5__SFTRXRNK.jpg
    Serving dinner to our guests at Family Night Dinner.
  • Website_Helping_at_the_Pantry_Desk_BRRH_10_23_2014_at_BHH__4__MHXFKPGI.jpg
    BRRH Volunteers helping pass out pantry bags at Family Night Dinner
  • Website_M_M_Gary_Petes__Mr__Remillard_and_Betty_Miracle_Chef_Event__13__SAQGDMLU.jpg
    Gary and Cecilia Peters, Arthur Remillard Jr. and Betty Seraphin.
  • For_website_The_Unveiling_1_HCMMJQIB.jpg
    Unveiling of bronze plaque of Arthur J. Remillard, Jr.
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  • For_Website_Unveiling_3_FIKSPRMT.jpg
  • For_website_Gary_Peters__Mr__R_and_Betty_S_IIRXYLLM.jpg
  • For_website_Board_members_Beth_King__Eric_Shaw_and_Yasmine_Zyne_with_GP_and_Mr__R_EFKSBLFO.jpg
    BHH Board Members with Mr. Remillard.
  • Macy_s_Check_Presentation___5_000_Geoff_Lieberman_and_Kathy_Clarke_TXUQKHDU.jpg
    Macy's granted BHH with $5,000. Check presentation by Geoff Lieberman and Kathy Clarke
  • 1st_ESOL_class_at_BHH_VCPLBEPP.jpg
    First ESOL class at BHH.
  • PBSC_Roteract_students_Friday_crew_10_2014_with_Bill_RQBXYURY.jpg
    PBSC Roteract Students
  • website_1_Ladies_in_front_of_Building_Junior_League_of_BR_XMCVAPEO.jpg
    Junior League of BR bring new members to BHH
  • For_Website_4_Staff__family_and_board_at_event_with_Greg_PetersMen_with_Caring_Hearts_2014_Greg_Peters__15__FZWBDTLJ.jpg
    Anne Jaakkola, Jack Jaiven, Suzan Javizian, Debbie, Greg & Hayley Peters and Gary Peters
  • Website__Family_helping_out_Stamp_Out_Hunger_one_of_the_bins_5_10_14__66__ZGBOTDHW.jpg
    A Family Affair at Stamp out Hunger
  • NEW___For_website_Home_Depot_Family_night_dinner_11_7_13__2__NLDELBKG.jpg
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Food Center
Our volunteers serve hot meals six days a week to families and individuals that include the unemployed and underemployed, single parents, children and the elderly. We also have a Pantry Program that supplies grocery bags of food staples for qualified people to help them meet their food needs.
Job Mentoring & Resource Center
JOB MENTORING clients work with experienced human resource mentors to find employment for clients who are in need of a job, discussing with them interview skills needed to secure employment. The Resource Center provides many resources to clients facing financial difficulties.