A Four Star Charity for 10th Consecutive Year!

Boca Helping Hands provides food, medical, and financial assistance to meet basic human needs as well as education, job training and guidance to create self-sufficiency.  

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    Our brand new Straddle Stacker in action! This valuable tool is courtesy of Hands on Tzedakah, Ron & Meryl Gallatin.
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    James Gavrilos, Constance Scott, George Petrocelli and Jon Kaye at the PR shoot for the upcoming Boca Raton Mayor's Gala honoring Boca Helping Hands.
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    John Tolbert, James Gavrilos, George Petrocelli and Lewis Fogel at the PR shoot for the upcoming Boca Raton Mayor's Gala honoring Boca Helping Hands.
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    2016 Bowling for Bread Check Presentation - Mayor Susan Haynie, James Gavrilos, Karen Swedenborg, & Lee Steinberg (President Lee Pearlson Steinberg Foundation).
  • DSC_2105_RDKDKKBE.jpg
    2016 Bowling for Bread 1st Place Team - Rotary Club Wednesday Lunch Group.
  • DSC_2095_GKNZBSKM.jpg
    2016 Bowling for Bread 2nd Place Team - Wyndham Deerfield Beach.
  • DSC_2106_NHVUWKNV.jpg
    2016 Bowling for Bread Overall High Score - Jay Mack of Mack Insurance Group.
  • Calvin__Giordano___Associates_Inc__cropped_PSQHUFIN.jpg
    The team from Calvin, Giodano & Associates Inc. and BHH team member Jennifer Disla at the 2016 Bowling For Bread.
  • Bozena_s_10th_FFZWNFQR.jpg
    Celebrating Bozena's 10th Anniversary with BHH! (Don, Leonard, Bozena, Bob, and Gary Peters)
  • IMG_4417site_KLGHJZBY.jpg
    Volunteer Coordinator Melissa at Florida Atlantic University recent Weppner Center for LEAD and Service Volunteer Fair.
  • FAU_Social_Work_students_7_22_16cropped_LYPUKFXD.jpg
    Students from FAU school of Social Work brought food when they came for a tour!
  • Whole_Foods_Sign_500_000_lb_food_recovery_7_7_16_DQFGCONC.jpg
    Congratulations on 500,000 lbs of food for our Food Recovery Program!
  • Suzan___Whole_Foods_Employee_at_info_desk_7_7_16_HDRIFNRT.JPG
    Thank you to Whole Foods for their many years of Food Recovery to BHH!
  • Website_Board_members_Strategic_Plan_6_14_16_HXIOBMUU.jpg
    Board Members Jack Jaiven, Greg Hazle, and Peter Brockway
  • Website_Jim_presenting_Strategic_Plan_6_14_16_SJUGSPJI.jpg
    James Gavrilos presenting Strategic Plan
  • Website_Webbs_at_Strategic_Plan_6_14_16_SULKLCSW.jpg
    Sarah Lochner, Jack and Nancy Webb with James Gavrilos
  • Website_Carol_and_Mel_Lazerick_at_Strategic_Plan_6_14_16_SBZLGLKI.jpg
    Mel Lazerick (98 years old) with daughter Carol. Says that volunteering at BHH keeps him going!
  • Website_with_JSG_and_Studetns_Good_Shepherd_VAC_Bible_School_FD__6__PVDHOXPM.jpg
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School Food Drive
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  • NEW___12_31_10_Movie_Theatre_028group_donation_KHBRRKBK.jpg
  • CEREAL_DRIVE_005___Lower_School_5_2011_ODHVAFWB.JPG
  • Website__Family_helping_out_Stamp_Out_Hunger_one_of_the_bins_5_10_14__66__QRLXTZCY.jpg
    A Family Affair at Stamp out Hunger
  • Website_Helping_at_the_Pantry_Desk_BRRH_10_23_2014_at_BHH__4__IHAEZJSK.jpg
    BRRH Volunteers helping pass out pantry bags at Family Night Dinner
  • Website_Books_and_gifts_from_BRRH_10_23_2014_at_BHH__2__QYJSRHYT.jpg
    Boca Raton Regional Hospital playing games with the children at Family Night Dinner.
  • Website_Serving_Dinner_BRRH_10_23_2014_at_BHH__5__YLWVDPOT.jpg
    Serving dinner to our guests at Family Night Dinner.
  • For_Website_Hank_Feniger_Edgewater_group_tour_6_26_14__30__UZWZOKVH.jpg
    Hank Feniger, Edgewater resident and BHH Volunteer!
  • 1st_ESOL_class_at_BHH_BHZOVCCP.jpg
    First ESOL class at BHH.
  • For_website_Board_members_Beth_King__Eric_Shaw_and_Yasmine_Zyne_with_GP_and_Mr__R_IMVHJXES.jpg
    BHH Board Members with Mr. Remillard.
  • Boca_West_Fndt_Check_presentation_with_Arthur_Adler_and_JSG__2__DBTKWLOU.JPG
    James Gavrilos receiving Boca West Fndt's check from Arthur Adler for our Friday Lunch and General Ops.
  • Genesis_Ribbon_Cutting__14__ROYAHGYV.jpg
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Genesis Medical Center (BHH)
  • For_website_Home_Depot_Family_night_dinner_11_7_13__2__IANXRBBR.JPG
  • website_1_Ladies_in_front_of_Building_Junior_League_of_BR_ESHSKOVF.jpg
    Junior League of BR bring new members to BHH
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Food Center
Our volunteers serve hot meals six days a week to families and individuals that include the unemployed and underemployed, single parents, children and the elderly. We also have a Pantry Program that supplies grocery bags of food staples for qualified people to help them meet their food needs.
Job Mentoring & Resource Center
Job Mentoring clients work with trained volunteer mentors that help clients become job ready. Guiding them through online job applications, resume writing, interview skills, "Life Skills" and Computer Classes. The Resource Center provides resources to clients facing financial difficulties.