A Four Star Charity for 8 Consecutive Years!

Our Mission:

Boca Helping Hands provides food and emergency assistance to meet basic human needs and long-term solutions to break the cycle of dependence.  

Boca Helping Hands Provides...

Service, Compassion, Dignity and Independence.

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  • For_website_Dart_Foundation_8_8_14_Karen_Swedenborg_and_Alicia_Pascua__3__AUFBBSZT.jpg
    Check presentation from Dart Foundation for Pantry Program grant.
  • For_Website_Class_03_Esperanza_2014_03__13__ZBATIKBR.jpg
    Esperanza Catering Class (3) Advances today 7-11-14!
  • For_Website_AmTrust_Bank_Check_Presentation__1__TIRFQRHR.jpg
    Thank you to AmTrust Bank, Kurt Valmond, Louise Roberts, & Brian Lynott with James Gavrilos
  • For_website_Bill_Harper_giving_a_tour_for_the_Edgewater_group_tour_6_26_14__6__UNQTRZQY.jpg
    Bill Harper, Food & Warehouse Manager, giving a tour to the Edgewater Estates residents.
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  • For_website__Suzan__Karen___Deanna_speaking_to_Edgewater_group_tour_6_26_14__9__OUHRESRJ.jpg
  • For_Website_Hank_Feniger_Edgewater_group_tour_6_26_14__30__ZTTRQBXS.jpg
    Hank Feniger, Edgewater resident and BHH Volunteer!
    3rd Class of Life Skills Students graduate through our Job Mentoring Program!
  • Website_Greg_Peters_announced_as_winner_of_Men_with_Caring_Hearts_2014_Greg_Peters__9__PDIBLMWE.jpg
    Greg Peters announced as winner of Men with Caring Hearts 2014 Volunteer of the year.
  • Men_with_Caring_Hearts_2014_Greg_Peters__10__RVFBYMKG.JPG
    Debbie, Greg & Hayley Peters with Gary Peters
  • For_Website_3_Greg_Peters_with_his_fatherm_Gary_Peters_Men_with_Caring_Hearts_2014_Greg_Peters__12__CRBOXCAQ.jpg
    Greg Peters with his father, Gary Peters, 2012 recipient of Men with Caring Hearts.
  • For_Website_4_Staff__family_and_board_at_event_with_Greg_PetersMen_with_Caring_Hearts_2014_Greg_Peters__15__FZWBDTLJ.jpg
    Anne Jaakkola, Jack Jaiven, Suzan Javizian, Debbie, Greg & Hayley Peters and Gary Peters
  • For_Website__Gary__Greg_and_James_Gavrilos_at_Men_with_Caring_Hearts_2014_Greg_Peters__19__HIVUXMDB.jpg
    Greg & Gary Peters with James Gavrilos
  • Stamp_Out_Hunger_James_Gavrilos_Speaking_to_the_group_of_Volunteeers_5_10_14__57__ZSNTOTOO.JPG
    James Gavrilos addresses the 100+ volunteers at BHH for Stamp Out Hunger.
  • Website__Family_helping_out_Stamp_Out_Hunger_one_of_the_bins_5_10_14__66__ZGBOTDHW.jpg
    A Family Affair at Stamp out Hunger
  • Website_Food_has_arrived_Stamp_Out_Hunger_Sorting_the_cans_1_5_10_14__70__XZXEGIWC.jpg
    Food has arrived!
  • Website_Stamp_Out_Hunger_Leadership_Boca_2014_at_BHH_5_10_14__107__GTXMNZBE.jpg
    Leadership Boca class of 2014
  • Website_getting_organziedStamp_Out_Hunger_5_10_14__67__MMTWPXAH.jpg
    Organized chaos!
  • Website_Bill_Harper_and_Nate_Cousineau_at_the_end_of_Stamp_Out_Hunger_5_10_14__104__LLGWGXGY.jpg
    Bill Harper, BHH Food and Warehouse Manager, and Nate Cousineau from Quantum Fndt.
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  • Nicole_Richards__James_Gavrilos__Sally_Gavrilos_VOIOLINA.jpg
    MONOPOLY EVENT & CASINO NIGHT -2014 Nicole Richards, James & Sally Gavrilos
  • Website_Henry_Jaakkola__Dan_Brede__Bill_Harper___Greg_Peters__DRRGFRFC.jpg
    Henry Jaakkola; Dan Brede, Lawrence Sanders Foundation; Bill Harper; & Greg Peters at Boca West Foundation's Golf Tournament
  • For_website_2_Greg_Peters___Geoff_Lieberman_of_Macy_s_Corp__Services_RRDRUGAE.jpg
    Greg Peters, of BHH being presented with a check by Geoff Lieberman of Macy's!
  • For_website___facebook_Toni_Lumpkin__Office_Depot_Fndt_BHH_Backpacks_SKFGJBEZ.jpg
    Office Depot Foundation donating 1,000 sack packs to BHH Backpacks Program! Thank you to Toni Lumpkin.
Featured News
Boca Helping Hands will reopen on Tuesday, September 2nd!
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It’s that time year when Boca Helping Hands is getting ready for their Annual Basket Brigade. Help a family enjoy Thanksgiving dinner by don ... more
Food Center
Our volunteers serve hot meals six days a week to families and individuals that include the unemployed and underemployed, single parents, children and the elderly. We also have a Pantry Program that supplies grocery bags of food staples for qualified people to help them meet their food needs.
Job Mentoring & Resource Center
JOB MENTORING clients work with experienced human resource mentors to find employment for clients who are in need of a job, discussing with them interview skills needed to secure employment. The Resource Center provides many resources to clients facing financial difficulties.