Vision 2020 Strategy Report Card

The year 2020 represents a significant milestone for Boca Helping Hands: our Vision 2020 strategic plan will come to a close after five years of thoughtful execution. As a strategy-driven organization, the initiatives of our Vision 2020 plan have focused on three primary goals:

  1. Enhancing and Expanding Programs and Services
  2. Building Productive Partnerships
  3. Focusing on Impact

Each of these goals includes specific strategies and detailed initiatives that have resulted in the following accomplishments benefitting our clients:

Since launching the Boynton Beach and West Boca satellite distribution facilities, we are now serving over 1,200 families and have greatly expanded the geographic reach of our Pantry Program.

Over the last four years, we have added and/or revamped four of the seven Job Training Programs currently available to our clients. In addition, our new Justin D. Webb Training Center has improved the classroom experience for our students, giving them the opportunity to learn in a more collegiate atmosphere.

More clients now have access to medical and dental care, thanks to partnerships with Genesis Community Health and Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Two of our newer partners, Walgreens and Palm Beach State College, have allowed us to expand our healthcare services even further to include annual eye exams and flu shots.

We have also made progress in our implementation of evaluation systems, which allows us to better measure, maximize, and share the lasting impact of our programs. We track straightforward metrics and outputs like the graduation and employment rates of students completing our Job Training Program and the volume of food that we distribute through our Feeding Programs. We are working with academic partners like the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension to determine ways of evaluating longer-term impacts and outcomes, like the effect of our programs on local hunger or food insecurity.

As our Vision 2020 plan comes to a close, we will also embark on the process of setting new organization goals for 2021-2026. This will include building upon the 2020 goals and strategies that have been critical to our decision making over the last four years. Investing in a strategic road map for the next five years will keep us on track to grow and serve even more community members going forward.