Men with Caring Hearts: Greg Peters Named Outstanding Male Volunteer for Boca Raton!


Greg Peters Named Outstanding Male Volunteer for Boca Raton!

With 18 of the most dedicated male volunteers in our area on stage, a hush fell over the hundreds gathered at Boca West Country Club for the announcement of this year’s Florence Fuller Men with Caring Hearts Award.  The resumes of the 18 nominees were simply overwhelming.  Some of the most accomplished and committed community leaders had been nominated by the charities they serve.  Some (notably, Arthur Adler from the Boca West Community Foundation) had strong ties to Boca Helping Hands.  Our own nominee, Mr. Greg Peters commented how much some of the other nominees had accomplished over many years.  But the envelope was finally opened as the luncheon drew to its conclusion and the 2014 Man with a Caring Heart was announced:  Mr. Greg Peters from Boca Helping Hands!

Our table erupted.   Greg seemed stunned by the announcement…as did his father, Gary Peters, himself a 2012 recipient of the Man with Caring Hearts Award.  In fact, Gary and Greg Peters became the first “legacy” award…the first father/son to both win this prestigious award, recognizing the men in our community who offer their time to the various charities.

For over five years, Greg Peters has volunteered as a Development Officer for Boca Helping Hands.  Whether contacting new foundations for potential support, following up on our grants, or simply working the phones, Greg has been tenacious in helping BHH secure funding for our incredible programs.  And when needed, he is first in line to jump in the warehouse and pack bags or grab the van and do a food recovery.  He is in fact, the essence of a volunteer.  What we at Boca Helping Hands have known for years, was publically acknowledged before the community.  Greg Peters is indeed a Man with a Caring Heart…and the outstanding male volunteer in our community for 2014.

His comments after receiving the award were “vintage” Greg Peters:  Humble, Direct and Moving! Refusing to talk about himself or his own commitment of time, talent and treasure to BHH, he talked about the incredible work done by Boca Helping Hands and the thousands of clients we touch each year.  He even had the presence of mind to share a bit of the Strategic Plan with the audience, focusing on our job training programs which help our clients break the cycle of dependence.

As the euphoria truly hit our table, it occurred to us:  With Peggy Jones receiving the Junior League Woman Volunteer of the Year in November, Gary Peters receiving the Rotary Club O.P.A.L. Award in January, and Greg Peters winning the Florence Fuller Man with a Caring Heart Award this afternoon, Boca Helping Hands has a “clean sweep” of the volunteer awards in our community, yet another testimony to the importance of the work we do every day.  Greg, from all of us to you, it is an honor to work with you every day.  We know your commitment to easing the suffering of those who struggle.  Our partner foundations know it.  And today, all of Boca Raton knows it as well.