"CAP: Understanding the Need for Out-of-School Care"

Pearl%20City%20Cats%20-%20Photo%203_0.jpg“CAP: Understanding the Need for Out-of-School Care”
By: Trina Chin Cheong, Director of Programs

In 2006, Boca Helping Hands (BHH) made a deliberate decision to increase its financial resource assistance to include the Children’s Assistance Program (CAP). This program was born out of a very apparent need to help working families pay for safe, reliable childcare whilst being able to maintain full-time employment opportunities. At present, BHH is able to assist with funds that can be used toward daycare, after-care, summer camp or extracurricular activities in any given school calendar year.

In 2018, BHH helped 74 children with fees for summer camp, and 38 children were able to attend daycare or after-care because of this program. So far in 2019, BHH has assisted 75 children, with 52 of them attending summer camp.

With their ever-changing financial needs, the populations we serve are affected by many external factors. Most significantly, as more people find jobs, their need for childcare and therefore the demand for CAP financial assistance increases. The rapidly increasing cost of childcare is also a factor that affects the demand for CAP assistance. Childcare is now a larger component of the family budget and  can therefore significantly affect a family’s financial sustainability. If working parents cannot afford to pay for out-of-school care, they may be faced with the dilemma of leaving children (typically under the age of 12) unattended so that they can continue working.

In order to qualify for CAP, parents must be able to show proof of having lived in the Boca Raton area for at least a year, be in possession of the child’s birth certificate, submit the last three months of bank statements, have evidence of being registered for daycare after-care or summer camp, and provide evidence of full-time employment or student status.

Through our very supportive donors and generous funders, we are happy that we are able, to assist in this challenge that working parents face. Helping to provide care in safe environments not only eases parents’ minds but nurtures positive attitudes and increases kids’ affinity for learning – which can make all the difference. If we help the child… we are helping the family.

For more information on CAP and ways in which you can help support this crucial program, contact us directly at karen@bocahelpinghands.org or (561) 417-0913 ext: 202.