Boca Helping Hands and Palm Beach State College Offered Free Vision Screenings


Yesterday was a special day at Boca Helping Hands as we opened the doors to the Justin D. Webb Training Center and welcomed students from the Ophthalmic Medical Technology Program at Palm Beach State College. Worldwide, there are more than 285 million people who are visually impaired. As BHH Program Director Trina Chin Cheong pointed out, by opening up the availability to this complimentary vision screening, we were able to add another layer of assistance, support and awareness to the community we serve.


“It’s a wonderful service for the people who come because we’re able to offer a screening visual examination at no charge to anyone,” said Dr. Robert M. Kershner. “We inevitably will always pick up pathology, we’ll always pick up people who need surgery, or may have glaucoma or cataracts who otherwise didn’t know it. Then we have to make sure they get tied in with somebody who can take of that for them.”

Clients whose vision screenings result in a need for follow-up care are able to take their screening pamphlet to facilities like the Caridad Center, who offer ophthalmic care are no cost.


“Some people came in today saying ‘I don’t see out of my right eye.’ We look and we see a problem that needs to be addressed, but many people aren’t even aware of it,” Dr. Kershner added. “Hopefully from there, we can then channel them into somebody who can take care of them if they need surgery, at no charge to them.”

When the final set of students wrapped up, 70 individuals were able to be screened during the 2-hour window. Having seen both the need in our community as well as the eagerness to take advantage of such a generous offering, Dr. Kershner hopes to make this an annual event at Boca Helping Hands.


“A little preventative medicine goes a long way with respect to your eyes,” Dr. Kershner shared. “When you see you have a problem, then it’s too late in many cases. We don’t want you to see that you can’t see – we want to pick it up before it starts.”

Many thanks to Dr. Kershner and the Palm Beach State College Ophthalmic Medical Technology students for joining us at Boca Helping Hands and for generously giving of their time to the community we serve.