Computer Training

Enroll to take Computer Training Courses at Boca Helping Hands. Offered twice a month, these open-ended sessions offer a traditional classroom style with demonstrations and practice. 

For more information or to register contact:
Trina Chin Cheong, Program Director
(561) 417-0913 ext: 203

Volunteer Jim teaching Computer Training Class

This two-hour class covers the essential computer skills for students who have no computer experience and for those who would like to refresh or improve their skills. Each essential topic category is discussed, demonstrated and practiced in class Reference handouts are provided.

The Essentials
Using the keyboard and mouse, computer menus and navigation.

Word Processing
Using Microsoft WordPad and Word for letters and documents.

How web browsers work, navigation and website searches.

Initial set up, tips for best use and working with folders.


This two-hour class covers the best practices in a successful job search using today’s computer technology. Proven techniques will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced in class. This class is fast paced and will require a solid foundation of computer skills. Please note the prerequisites below. 

Document Preparations:
Using Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Creating, saving and editing all necessary documents; resumes, cover letters, references & response letters. Working with templates.

Flash Drives:
A new flash drive with reference material and document templates is given free of charge to each student. Class instruction and practice on proper use to save and retrieve saved documents.

Job Search:
Using the #1 job website Detailed tips to get the best search results, setting up accounts for greater access and important job availability alerts. Practical knowledge of how the job candidate selection process works straight from the employers. Interview  tips that make the difference.

Application Process:
Initial online application and email follow up. Attaching documents and managing correspondence through email. Live email demonstration and practice.

Students seeking this instruction must:

  • Have strong English language skills
  • Be able to use a computer competently
  • Have an active email account that they can access in class
  • Be familiar with word processing
  • Be familiar with using an internet browser