Volunteer Spotlight: Adam Wilk

James S. Gavrilos
June 27, 2011



 Volunteer Spotlight:  Adam Wilk

Warehouse Volunteer

Monday through Saturday, visitors to Boca Helping Hands can’t help but notice (or be run over by) a young man, clad in a blue apron, notepad in hand.  Since September of 2010, Adam Wilk has been a mainstay in the warehouse…serving as the “link” between the warehouse and the food center. He moves out items for distribution through the Pantry Program, sets up the bags for delivery to the Youth Activity Center on Thursday Nights, and picks up commodities from Winn-Dixie, Capital Grille, East Coast Farms and a host of other donors.  And when these tasks are done, Adam assists Warehouse Manager, Walter Dalickas by keeping inventory rotating and moving through the system.

 Married to Cindy for 13 years, Adam was born in Bayside, New York, and graduated Queens College with a degree in Sociology.  He worked at H.I.P. (a New York based insurance company) and managed 401(k) retirement plans for Bank of New York. In 2005, he authored Diet King which chronicled his loss of nearly 90 pounds over an eight month period.  When not at Boca Helping Hands, Adam enjoys spending time with his family and shopping with his wife (he enjoys what?????).  He also enjoys reading up on the latest research on alternative medicine.

Adam first came to Boca Helping Hands at the encouragement of his wife’s company (United Health Care).  He was immediately attracted to the direct result of feeding our clients, and quickly established himself as one of our key volunteers.  Working closely with Bozena Szalobryt (our Food Center Manager), Adam quickly found his niche in warehouse.  In addition to his many other tasks, he helps coordinate and direct the many volunteers who work in the warehouse.  With Walter and Bozena’s guidance, Adam has become indispensable at rotating perishable and non-perishable commodities through the system, as well as becoming an integral part of our food recovery program.  Whether in the truck or in the warehouse, Adam Wilk is yet another of our “angels”…without whom we could not serve the numbers of people who come to Boca Helping Hands each day.

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