Jamie Zipper's Mitzvah Project, BHH Food Drive, total so far...1133 pounds!

Boca Helping Hands
May 18, 2011

Jamie Zipper is having her Bat Mitzvah next week and for her  Mitzvah Project, BHH Food Drive, she has brought in 1133 pounds of food.  She gave a letter to her neighbors with a yellow bag with the BHH logo on the bag.  Jamie enlisted a few of her friends to help.  "I couldn't have done it without them."  said Jamie.  They picked up the bags left at their neighbors homes and then Dr. and Mrs. Zipper joined Jamie and her friend Nicole Kaplan,  unload all of these items from their cars.  They helped weight the items and put them into the sorting bins.  

Her neighbors gave generously and also called her parents to say what a wonderful daughter they have! Boca Helping Hands agrees!  When you look at what this young girl accomplished you can see how one person can make a difference. 

We congratulate you on making your Bat Mitzvah next week.  Thank you again Jamie.  Many people will benefit from this generous donation.  

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