Boca Helping Hands to Create Strategic Plan: January 15, 2011

Boca Helping Hands
December 13, 2010


The Board Directors of Boca Helping Hands has initiated a bold plan to create a Strategic Plan which will guide our growth and development for the next three to five years. In an ever changing world, Boca Helping Hands must be prepared to adapt to new conditions, while maintaining our time-honored programs. A Strategic Plan will help us answer the following:


Ms. Christina Drouin of the Center for Strategic Planning has been hired to guide Boca Helping Hands through this complex and intense process. Since September, a Project Management Team has been meeting regularly to frame the issues for discussion. Sub-committees have addressed the numerous social, political, economic, environmental and technological factors that may influence the future of Boca Helping Hands and the services we offer.


On January 15, 2011, we are inviting ALL our stakeholders to a one day "Visioning Seminar." We hope that our Board, Staff, Volunteers, Donors, Supporters, Advocates and assorted Community Leaders will join us to wrestle through profound questions of identity and mission. The answers we generate on January 15th will then be translated into an action plan that will guide day to day operations for the next three to five years. This Visioning Seminar will be held on the campus of Saint Andrews School in the Schmidt Family Science Center. Beginning with registration and breakfast at 8:30, the seminar will conclude at 3:00 P.M. Lunch will be provided.


The day will be long...the discussions will be deep. But most importantly, your voice will be heard. It is an honor to be part of a Strategic Plan. As Boca Helping Hands moves into the future, you can proudly say that you had a hand in creating the vision, goals, and action plan that will soon become reality. If you are interested in further information or would like to register for the Visioning Seminar, please contact BHH Executive Director, James S. Gavrilos at:



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