BHH Volunteer of the Year Freddie Christie

Boca Helping Hands
November 22, 2010

Boca Helping Hands is proud to announce our 2010 Volunteer of the Year,

Freddie Christie

Freddie Christie has coordinated the sandwich helpers for over ten years. Freddie’s journey began after reading an article in the Sun Sentinel in August of 2000 about Palm Beach Harvest food recovery featuring a very special woman, Geri Williams. “I really wanted to meet Geri Williams and see how I could help,” said Freddie. The organization spoke to her and she wanted to get involved in her “free” time. 

Freddie had her pick of days to make sandwiches for the Wayne Barton Study Center and signed on for two times a month.  With two small children she would make bologna and cheese at her house and delivered them. Freddie’s children would come in when she had to be a substitute sandwich maker. Freddie said, “My son Matthew enjoyed seeing any new toys or gizmos that Lou, the kitchen manager, had to show him. Both kids helped stack the lids on the sandwiches as I made them.”  Matthew Christie was probably BHH youngest volunteer at the time. He came with her, when she made sandwiches and offered encouragement from his carrier.

Six months after Freddie started making sandwiches and delivering them Joanne was made Executive Director and convinced Freddie to be the sandwich program coordinator.  The program received a two year grant to provide fruit to after-school centers. Freddie would place the orders and then make sure they got to the 5 locations as quickly as possible before the fruit spoiled.

With the recent changes from PBC Health Department, things have been more difficult. Some of the locations have been without snacks some days and some of the volunteers have had to give it up because of the requirement that the sandwiches be made in our kitchen.  We lost about 12 long-time volunteer groups who were all sad to have to quit.

 The sandwich program can use more helpers. Please consider this as an open invitation to participate in this BHH program. Volunteers for the sandwich program select from the days & locations that we have a need for sandwiches. They come between 8:30am and 10:30am with their sandwich supplies (bread, peanut butter, jelly, baggies and a hat). There is an area along the back wall of the kitchen set aside for the after-school program. There is parchment paper to cover the tables and spreaders and gloves for those who need them. Some volunteers come once a week and others sign up for a couple of times a month. The volunteers clear up their area and then deliver the sandwiches to which ever location they have been assigned.

The sandwich program provides 70 sandwiches to the Boys and Girls Club at Sand Pines Park, 70 sandwiches to Dixie Manor, the Cats Program, 70 Sandwiches to the Youth Activity Center at Veteran’s Park, 15 sandwiches to the Salvation Army and some non-perishable snacks to Firewall which has about 15 kids 4 days a week.

Thank you Freddie for your dedication and for the love you have for this community and its children. Boca Helping Hands appreciates your team spirit and for helping to make the Sandwich Program work. 

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