Give a Dude a Can of Food

Boca Helping Hands
Boca Helping Hands
October 26, 2017

Kindergartner Everest has a very simple message, “give a dude a can of food!”

After learning about Boca Helping Hands through his school, Everest realized that some of his classmates, neighbors and friends potentially suffered from food insecurity. The young philanthropist in training worked with his mom, Meredith England, to organize at food drive at Delivery Dudes HQ where she works.

“I wanted all my friends not to be hungry… I want them to be full!”

Everest had a mission to collect 200 cans (pounds) of food for Boca Helping Hands. Between the HQ staff, drivers and customers Everest not only met his goal, he surpassed it! He then decided that the extra food should be sent directly to Puerto Rico to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Our sincerest thanks to Everest and all who donated towards his food drive.

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