Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery Hosts Weekly Food Drive

Boca Helping Hands
Boca Helping Hands
October 2, 2017

As Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery approaches their 7 year anniversary, it's worth mention that in those 7 years they have remained dedicated community partners to Boca Helping Hands. Though they are long-time contributors, it is their weekly Food Drives that they hold at their Wednesday Open Mic Nights that have made the most impact here at BHH! Attendees are encouraged to bring canned good items, as opposed to the $3 entry fee, to enjoy an evening to music, comedy and fun. In total, Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery and it's patrons have donated a whopping 5,589lbs of food! 

Many thanks to Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery for their continued committment to Boca Helping Hands. 

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