Veterans Day Celebration

Boca Helping Hands
Boca Helping Hands
November 11, 2016


Veterans Day Celebration - Meet Us at the Flagpole!

Today America will pause to say "thank you" to those who deserve so much more than one day a year… today is Veterans' Day.

This morning we gathered around our flagpole and honored the brave men and women among our Board Members, Staff, Volunteers, Supporters and Community Partners who answered our nation’s call and served in our armed forces.

James Altus, Air Force              Harold Bader, Air Force   

Chuck Berky, Air Force             Robert Ceparano, Marines

David Coady, Army                   Edward Coady, Air Force

Michael Coady, Army                Fred Hale, Air Force     

Buddy Harris, Air Force            Jim Infantino, Marines

Jack Jaiven, Army                    Bill Jessel, Navy           

Tony McAlister, Army                Jack Mentley, Marines

Art Polachek, Army                   Eric Shaw, Navy           

Matt Snelgrove, Army               Howard Southworth, Air Force

Lorena Tejada, Air Force          Murray Wachter, Air Force

Marvin Zale, Army

To all the Veterans in our BHH Family, THANK YOU!




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