Café Esperanza at Boca Helping Hands Caters Lunch at Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

Karen Swedenborg
Boca Helping Hands
March 12, 2013


Café Esperanza at Boca Helping Hands

 Café Esperanza at Boca Helping Hands catered and served the luncheon, for the Chamber's monthly new member orientation, Tuesday, March 12, 2013.  The luncheon was at the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce on Dixie Highway.   The Chamber welcomed this new social enterprise by Boca Helping Hands with speeches from Troy M. McLellan, CCE, FCCP , President and CEO of the Chamber; Keith O’Donnell, Board Chair (2012-2013); Mayor Susan Whelchel, Gary Peters, Board President of Boca Helping Hands, and James S. Gavrilos, Executive Director of Boca Helping Hands.  There was a ribbon cutting ceremony where all the sponsors, The Jim Moran Foundation, The Salah Foundation, and The Hagen Family Foundation, of Café Esperanza at Boca Helping Hands were asked to stand in back of the ribbon as Gary Peters, BHH Board President, cut the ribbon.  Loud Cheers and applause followed. 


Boca Helping Hands is thrilled with our inaugural class of students working in Phase III of our program, supervised by Kerri Powers, to help them become employed in the hospitality field, thereby breaking the cycle of dependence.  “The students are working well as a team.” says Peggy Jones, Job Mentoring Program Manager, “Their self esteem has risen dramatically. Two students have already found employment!”

This class of students has more catering jobs ahead of them through Café Esperanza at Boca Helping Hands.  We are expecting and seeing great things in their future. 

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