BHH Presented Check from Karen Slattery Pre-K Students

Karen Swedenborg
July 17, 2012



On June 18th the Karen Slattery Child Development Center (ERCCD) Pre K class invited Boca Helping Hands to come for a check presentation and to pick up food from their food drive. The students were interested in grocery stores so their teacher and aid, Ms. Debbie Talbot & Ms. Sarah Reaves arranged for the students to tour Publix and learn about grocery stores. When they got back to class they created their own play grocery store and bakery. The class decided they should have a bake sale and give the money to people who needed food. 


Karen Swedenborg, Boca Helping Hands’ Development Manager, was invited to meet the students and talk with them about how BHH is helping people who are hungry. “The students were very welcoming and interested in Boca Helping Hands. I was amazed that a group of four year olds were able to come up with this idea and implement it while helping others,” stated Ms. Swedenborg. The class presented Ms. Swedenborg with a check made by the students. Ms. Reaves said she brought a sample check so the students could create their masterpiece. 


The school is located on the FAU Campus in Boca Raton. 


The Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development is a lab school for children from birth to five years of age. It is affiliated with the College of Education’s Family Early Childhood Education at Florida Atlantic University. Located on FAU’s Boca Raton campus, the center’s mission is:

           To help young children grow intellectually, socially and emotionally in a learning environment that nurtures and supports optimal development.

           To provide a lab school for teacher education students, with an educational philosophy that is inclusive and intends to address the needs of all children whose development represents a range of abilities and learning styles.

           To promote research in early childhood education, child development and related disciplines.

           To serve as a fieldwork site for nursing, science and other FAU students and faculty.

           To provide a model of best practice in early childhood education for the wider educational community.

Thank you to Ms. Debbie Talbot’s Pre-K students. Your thoughtfulness will help those in need. 



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