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Friends of BHH - Monthly Gift Program
Our Monthly Giving Program Friends of BHH is an easy and efficient way for you to make a monthly gift and provide the reliable support needed to help those less fortunate.
Heart and Spirit
Boca Helpinig Hands Volunteer Auxiliary Group
Jay Leno Tickets -Concert for the Children at Boca West Country Club
This is a unique opportunity to see this Amazing Stand-up Comedian and former host, for the last 20 years, of the Tonight Show  Doors open...6:00 PM; The Atlantic City Boys...8:00 PM; Jay Leno...9:00 PM- The concert will be held at the AKOYA Amphitheatre on the Great Lawn of Boca West Country Club. 100% of the tickets purchased through our website benefit Boca Helping Hands. Your tickets will be sent to your home address. Please make sure all of your contact information is correct.
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