Coordinator:  Job Training Programs

Please send cover-letter and Resume’ to Trina Chin Cheong:



The Coordinator of the Job Training Programs will recruit students for all job training programs at Boca Helping Hands.  Additionally the Coordinator will provide administrative oversight and coordinate coaching/support for each student as they progress through the program. 

The Coordinator will be expected to: 

  • Identify, recruit and properly vet candidates for all job training programs at Boca Helping Hands.
  • Network with institutions and organizations to source potential candidates as well as prospective employers for graduates.
  • Maintain accurate and timely files in the BHH CRM for each student, including but not limited to all compliance documentation, attendance records, certificates received, and jobs attained.
  • Coordinate coaching and support for each student during and after their participation in the program. Post-graduation support will include monthly calls to check employment status and to identify any potential challenges to continued employment. 
  • Based on feedback from the graduates, the Coordinator will be expected to identify and develop suitable training initiatives that build and enhance current programs.
  • The Coordinator of the Job Training Programs will report directly to the Program Director.


  • Strong computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Excellent communication and live presentation skills
  • Strong administrative, reporting and record keeping abilities



  • Continuously assess impact of program, based on successfully recruiting students capable of completing program and maintaining employment.
  • Annually recruit adequate number of students for programs
  • Provide weekly update to Program Director on status of each training program.
  • Organize mentoring services for students enrolled in programs and graduates to determine status as well program impact.
  • Maintain regular contact with students pre- and post-graduation with follow up coaching sessions to identify their emotional, professional and personal struggles, in order to develop a coping plan.
  • Establish regular group mentoring sessions which all students and graduates will be required to attend. 
  • Track, update and perform all necessary tasks involving the CRM



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